Rules of Poker for the newbies

rules of poker

Poker is one of the most popular and well-known card games in the world that is played in casinos, professionally at tournaments, or at home with buddies. In casinos (both online and classic, the land ones), gamblers play against the house. Basically, the rules of Poker are easy to learn: almost all online Poker sites explain them. This knowledge and later, practice is required to master this intellectual game.

Basic rules of Poker

Poker belongs to a family of card games that are typically played with a 52-card deck. According to the basic Poker rules (often, Texas Hold’em variant is described), the hand, or a Poker set consists of five cards. However, other games of this type exist — depending on the game variant the player has different options for gathering the combination that will let a gambler win. The maximum and the preferred number of participants also varies. In some variants, the lowest hand or a pair wins, but the beginners are recommended to start learning 5 card draw Hold’em rules of Poker.

The players can also win by bluffing and using weak cards. Naturally, the bluff is used by the most experienced gamblers, and mostly in offline land casinos. Ultimately, the goal of the player is to win the bank by beating the hands of all other gamblers.

The game description in brief

Here is the explanation of the main things the newbie must remember:

rules of poker for wpt
  • Learning the rules of Poker (Hold’em), the beginner must consider that the game is divided into several rounds, which are carried out until a player can win the bank
  • Each game round is divided into four sections, in which cards are dealt and bets are made
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  • Each participant receives two face down cards that are only valid for him, and 5 community cards that are placed in the middle of the table. The latter ones apply to all players. The strongest possible hand must be formed from the five best of these 7 cards
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  • The cards are always dealt out first, before the bets are placed in turn
  • The bet size is determined according to the Texas Hold’em rules by the so-called blinds, basic bets or forced bets. Blinds must bring in the two players who are positioned at the table after the dealer. The amount of these blinds can be used to roughly estimate how high the stakes per game round will be

The very important thing here is to remember not only the Poker rules but the terms and the hands ranking.

Poker hands and the cards ranking

The card ranking defines the order of the winning hands and clarifies who won. Here are the hands that can bring a gambler the victory (from the lowest combination to the highest one):

  • The highest single card
  • 1 pair that is 2 similar cars (for instance, 4 and 4)
  • 2 pairs
  • Three of a Kind (3 similar cards)
  • Straight that involves 5 cards in a row (any color)
  • Flush — 5 cards of one suit
  • Full House — 3 of a kind+ 1 pair
  • Four of a kind that involves 4 cards (the same value)
  • Straight Flush — the sequence of number cards in one color
  • Royal Flush that is the best winning hand. The player, who gets it, always, wins; it includes A, K, Q, J, 10 that must be one suit

Those, who know the rules of Poker, are fighting for the coolest combination, Royal Flush: it is always 100% unbeatable.

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