Goldfish slots overview

Goldfish slots general information

When it comes to Goldfish Casino slots, it has to be pointed out that these are not the latest and the most innovative slot machines out there but the most played and the most popular. It looks like a tropical aquarium, which is full of tropical fish and looks very attractive. There are quite a few features that make the gameplay very interesting and simple at the same time.

Interface and the gameplay of the slot

The interface is designed to look like a virtual aquarium, which has become the key to success of goldfish slots with deluxe display and very calming background. Its gameplay stands second to none and characterized with simplicity as well as easy to be understood. It includes:

  • 25 lines in total.
  • 5 reels.
  • Lots of different betting limits.
  • Used coins’ sizes start from 0.01 and go to as much as 3.00.
  • The maximum accepted bet size is 75.00.
  • The maximum payout that can be reached is 10 000.00 coins.

The slot is full of different features that offer plenty of fun.

The slots design and active buttons

Goldfish slot machines design is very simple, as its five reels display the tropical aquarium characters. The following is displayed to a player:

  • Cash amount.
  • Lines number.
  • Line bet.
  • Fish bet.
  • Total bet.
  • The amount paid to a player.

The active buttons take the charge of the gameplay, so a person can hold the lines or use symbols to replace the others. Active buttons include:

  • Collect.
  • Help.
  • Pay table.
  • Select lines.
  • Bet per line.
  • Spin reels.
  • Max bets spins.

It is one of a few slots where pay table can be viewed along the playing process.


Goldfish slots do not offer great number of bonus rounds, they can be obtained by getting a certain combination of symbols being displayed in a row. So, knowing the symbols is very important. The reels display:

  • Gold fish.
  • Red fish.
  • Purple fish.
  • Blue fish.
  • Green fish.
  • Net.
  • Turtle.
  • Calm.
  • Castle.
  • Seaweed.

Symbols are very distinct and recognizable, so they can be hardly mistaken one with the other.

Gameplay features

Goldfish slots free coins can be obtained after registration or by accessing the slot via Facebook. Once it is done, a person can start to play. The basic ideal is that a player gets a certain type of fish into their fishbowl. Different amount of fish and color of fish will trigger bonuses and free spins. The great thing is that player always have payout button at their disposal, so looking at the payout configuration is always possible.

Strategies and tips

Goldfish slots are an easy game to understand. Here are some tips that can be used:

  • When goldfish is into the bowl, a player gets free spins.
  • In order to know the number of free spins, a player should select one of five bubbles, as there will be 5, 8, 10, 15, or 20 spins.
  • Then a player will be offered to select the bubble number again to activate the multiple, either 2X, 3X, 5X, 7X, or 10X on payouts.
  • Purple fish in the bowl will indicate the bonus, one of three bubbles should be selected to get the bonus win from 0 to 9.
  • Red fish in the bowl will request to choose a castle, a calm or a chest. Your choice will show the cash prize that has been won.
  • The prize can be kissed by any fish and the prize will be multiplied. For instance, the purple fish kiss will increase you prize from 25X to 200X.
  • Green fish will allow you to choose a prize from a group of bubbles.
  • Blue fish will activate supper scatter win.

Therefore, it can be clearly seen that there are lots of tips that can be used to build up your strategy.

Advantages and features

Free coins goldfish slots is a certain advantage to every player because it can be obtained for free. The chance to play for free and for real money is also a huge benefit because after having decent practice, winning real cash on regular basis will be highly probable. Some casinos offer free play and the others will allow you to bet real money. Here are some more features and advantages:

  • 3 fish food will result a bonus even.
  • By selecting one out of three bubbles, a prize will be received as a bonus.
  • 4 matching fish will increase the win amount by X2.
  • 3 can of food for turtle will provide another bonus reward.

This is a great slot because of its simplicity and colorful interface. The gameplay is very exciting as well as chance to play for real cash and for free are two brilliant options.

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